Life as an Intern…the beginning

Hello all.  Since I’m so far away from everyone I thought I’d start a little blog to tell you about things that are going on in my life.  I’d like to start from the beginning of my life as an intern…some of it seems so far away now but late is better than never.

Internship started with a two week orientation and lots of sitting around “getting to know each other and the system”  Most of it was pretty boring but there were a few highlights.  Dr. Swenson, a cardiologist, at SWMC took us on a little hike…14 miles later I’d say we were pretty “bonded” with each other.

We also had a chance to brush up on our Life support skills, boy we can all intubate dummies like champs now!  Neonatal resuscitation was fine and dandy too but the thought of having that responsibility on real babies seems overwhelming!

It was a great two weeks but it all went by to fast, life in the real world starts soon…..the day all doctors remember July 1st of each year…first day as a real live doctor!

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