Rotation 9 and 10 Medicine (Let the burnout begin)

By the time rotation 9 came around I was starting to feel like maybe I knew a little bit more what I was doing.  No more nervous orders for Tylenol or worrying about what would come next into the ER…just take them as they come.  By this time at least I was feeling more comfortable with who was “sick” or “not sick”  which as a new physician is one of the most important fundamental skills to know.

One feeling that we need to get used to as family physicians is knowing a a little bit about a lot of everything.  One of our attendings recently summarized it well by saying,  “as a family physician you better get used to not being completly 100% comfortable with  the decisions you make.”  I’m slowly coming to the realization that this statement is true and some days becoming a specialist sounds quite appealing because at least then you at least know “a lot” about a little.  Unfortunately our patients don’t come in nicely wrapped packages with one problem or the other.  One of the major  improtances of family physicians is tho have someone who can coordinate the care of all of the specialists around and to make sure that what one speciaist says doesn’t do harm to our patients when they have more than one thing wrong.

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