Rotation 7 and 8 Pediatrics and OB….again

This entry is a bit late as usual but better late than never.  Second time around for both rotations went well, it’s nice to go back to something and realize that you actually have learned something!  I was lucky to be on pediatrics for rotation 7 because it was over Christmas and the hospital gave us an extra few days off (that also meant more work for the 5 days that the other half of the group had off) Nevertheless, it was a nice break.  Unfortunately I did not get a chance to make it back to MI for the little break but at least I had some time to sleep in and rest for a few days!

Matt’s brother came to visit during Christmas and of course, we had the biggest snow storm and the coldest weather that has been seen in Portland for 40 years.  It was amazing how the whole city just shut down!  People weren’t making it to work, which also meant parents were avoiding the hospital so it was slower than it could have been given the time of year.  Good thing I had Matt’s urban assault vehicle to drive to work.  Since the roads weren’t plowed it would take me around an hour to drive a 25 minute drive.  Matt and Brad were stuck with the good old Honda, which wasn’t of much use on the snowy slushy roads.  They did manage to make it to downtown sushi at least but not without almost getting stuck in the ruts in downtown Portland.  The snow storm at least made me feel like home and we even had a white Christmas, not to mention Dorito loves the snow!

After finishing up the month on pediatrics I moved on to OB back at SWMC.  I have to say that I’ve had better months, it seems to me that it was “pick on Kristin month” but thankfully, I survived.  Despite some grouchy staff I rounded out the month with lots of nice deliveries and even had my first continuity delivery. ( my first patient I had seen throughout her pregnancy)  She even delivered on one of the nights that I was on call, how nice of her!

I still love OB but I think part of the frustration with doing it in family medicine is that I just don’t feel I have the experience by not doing it day in and day out. (I have to keep reminding myself that this is why we have attendings at our side whenever we need them and for all deliveries and I have two more years!)  I’m sure that feeling will go away with time and practice but it still raises my blood pressure a bit when I’m in the Family Birth Center.  The other frustration is some of the staff on the OB floor that just seem to have it out for the residents.  I know I’m not the only one who has caught slack from certain staff but I hope the atmosphere there doesn’t make me loose the drive to want to do OB when I’m done.  I know a lot of the senior residents were “turned off” from OB because of the environment there but I do see small changes happening and I’m sure there will be more to come.

I should probably end on a good note so I’ll be boring and talk about the weather.  People say the weather out here in the winter is the worst but I’ll take it any day over MI weather.  Despite the two weeks of snow we had so many nice sunny days, mixed in with rain of course!  I have been pleasantly surprised on how little actual rain and clouds we have had this year.  Lucky us!

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