Rotation #2 Pediatrics

Our pediatrics month we spend in Portland at Emanual Children’s hospital.  It’s a great place to learn because there is such a high volume of kids that come through there.  That also makes the month exhausting, both emotionally and physically.  Throughout the month I met some of the strongest families on the planet.  I really can not imagine the sacrifices that some of these families make when they have sick children.

Imagine:  Family with 4 children, the four year old hasn’t been eating as well over the last month and also complaining of  “my vision is funny”  You have been going to the doctor because she hasn’t been able to eat without vomiting so you get referred to a GI specialist.  Finally after a month of trying new things and many tests and lab work the doctors get a MRI of the brain…only to find out there is a tumor….all this a week after your house is sold and you are living in a hotel with your family of four while looking for a place to live across the country….oh yeah did I mention that the mother was pregnant with her 5th…three weeks from being due.   I really can’t express the strength of these families that go through these difficult times.

In the past this rotation has been one of the least favorite of the FMSW residents but I thought it was great.  I also met some amazing people that are at OHSU for their pediatrics residency.  I even got a chance to make it to a concert at the Oregon Zoo with some of them one evening after work.  I think I enjoyed the rotation so much becasue I really enjoyed the people I worked with…I’ll have to remember that when I decide where I want to work someday!

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