Rotation #1 OB

I guess July is a popular month to have babies.  For most of the month I didn’t go home without delivering two babies per day!  The learning curve was steep and I really got thrown into things.  I was the only intern on OB that month and it seemed that my senior was always post call when I was there and vice versa.  I think I was still in shock from all of the new information thrown at me but over all it was a wonderful month.

I’m looking forward to my next OB rotation, which I’m guessing is a good thing!

Matt and I did get a chance to take my “golden weekend” and go the the beach.  Unfortunately we picked the one weekend that was cloudy.  We still had a good time and Dorito loved the ocean!  He met lots of dog friends and played in the water.  There were even some people riding horses down the beach.  We also flew our super easy octopus kite.  It was a well deserved relaxing weekend!

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